UHYC Rules & Regulations

Exhibit D - schedule "B" to the Bylaws

Each unit and the Common Elements shall be occupied and used as follows:

  1. When a boat enters the Condominium, it immediately comes under the jurisdiction of the Association and shall be maneuvered as directed and berthed only within the Owner’s Unit or as may be specifically authorized by the Association. Vessels entering under emergency shall be reported immediately by their owners to the Association. Boats shall not create wakes.
  2. (A) Nothing shall be done or kept in any Unit or in the Common Elements which will increase the rate of insurance for the Condominium without the prior written consent of the Board of Directors. No Unit Owner shall permit anything to be done or kept in his Unit or in the Common Elements which will result in the cancellation of insurance on the Condominium or any part thereof or which would be in violation of any law, regulation or administrative ruling, including, without limitation, laws and regulations regarding the dumping or discharge of sewage and waste. No waste will be committed in the Common Elements.
    (B)All boats, watercraft or other vessels which are motorized either by inboard or outboard engine occupying any Unit of the Condominium shall be insured by a Protection and Indemnity (P & I) policy issued by a company authorized to write such marine insurance in Virginia and should carry liability coverage of a minimum of $300,000. This policy must include coverage for pollution cleanup.  
    (C)Each individual Unit Owner is solely responsible for ensuring that any boats, watercraft or other vessels except those vessels listed above, including those owned by their guests or tenants, occupying their Unit comply with this section. Any boat, watercraft or other vessel failing to comply will be asked to leave the Condominium immediately. In addition, the Board of Directors may take any other action it deems necessary pursuant to section 55-79.53 of the Virginia Condominium Act, these bylaws, or any other remedy available at law or in equity in response to a lack of compliance. The Board of Directors may adopt reasonable policies to ensure that all boat owners are in complete compliance.
  3. Any slip holder who rents out their slip must submit to UHYC a copy of a written lease which requires adherence to UHYC rules and provides emergency contact numbers and insurance as required in Rule #2.
  4. No immoral, improper, offensive or unlawful use shall be made of the Condominium or any part thereof, and all valid laws, zoning ordinances, regulations and conditions of approval of all governmental agencies, including without limitation, the Department of Health and the Marine Resources Commission of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the Corps of Engineers of the Department of the Army, having jurisdiction thereof shall be observed. All laws, orders, permits (including, without limitation, the Marine Permits), rules, regulations or requirements of any governmental agency having jurisdiction therefore relating to any portion of the Condominium shall be complied with, by and at the sole expense of the Unit Owner or the Unit Owner’s Association, whichever shall have the obligation to maintain or repair such portion of the Condominium, and, if the latter, then the cost of such compliance shall be a Common Expense. The Unit Owners Association shall have the right to take any action necessary to avoid or abate ay threatened violation of law or to prevent any potentially threatening situation.
  5. No Unit Owner shall obstruct any of the Common Elements, nor shall any Unit Owner store anything upon any of the Common Elements (except in those areas, if any, designated for such storage by the Board of Directors) without the approval of the Board of Directors
  6. No Unit shall be used for other than marina purposes. As used herein, “marina purposes” means the berthing of boats owned by the Unit Owner or his tenant or their bona fide guests.
  7. All boats shall be secured in their berths in a manner acceptable to the Association, otherwise, the Association, after notice to the boat owner, may adequately secure the boat and assess a service fee. The Association has no obligation to secure any boat or equipment and has no responsibility for any such vessel.
  8. Tenders and skiffs shall be stored on vessel when possible. Otherwise they must be placed on the dinghy racks where the Board of Directors directs at a charge of seventy five dollars ($75.00) per year.
  9. In the event of severe storm, hurricane, snow or ice, the boat owner is solely responsible to take all emergency measures possible to protect his boat and the slip where his boat is moored. The Association does not assume any responsibility for protection and/or damages to the owner’s boat.
  10. The Common Elements shall be used only for the furnishing of the services and facilities for which the same are reasonably sited and which are incident to the use of the units.
  11. The Association strictly prohibits the use of unvented kerosene heaters and wood burning stoves. Also, unattended electric heaters are prohibited.
  12. No charcoal fires or open fires of any kind are allowed within the confines of the Condominium, except where provided for by the Association.
  13. Dogs will be admitted to the Condominium only under leash and must not run loose on the grounds or other people’s boats. They must be toileted only in the designated areas and the solid waste must be removed by the pet owner.
  14. Young children must be accompanied by adults at all times when on the association property to include all docks.
  15. No Unit Owner shall install any electrical, data transmission, cable television or telephone wire, or television or communication antenna or other machine device or improvement to the Common Elements without the prior written consent of the Board of Directors.
  16. Apart from such signs as may be posted by the Declarant for construction, promotion or marketing purposes no signs, posters or advertisements of any character shall be erected, posted or displayed upon, in, from or about any Unit or Common Element, except as authorized by the Board of Directors or by the Rules and Regulations of the Unit Owners Association. 12” x 12” FOR SALE signs are now permitted on boats.
  17. Advertising or soliciting shall not be permitted in any part of the Condominium.
  18. No Unit Owner shall discharge or dump any sewage or other waste material overboard or from a pier. No objects of any kind may be thrown overboard from a pier. All boats must be equipped with sanitary holding tanks and may not discharge sewage (treated or otherwise) trash petroleum products or other waste overboard. Unit Owners shall comply with federal, state and local environmental laws and regulations. Unit Owners and their guests are to use the Condominium’s shore side toilets and pumpout facilities. All garbage and other refuse must be placed in the receptacles provided by the association.
  19. No Unit may be occupied as a residence on either a permanent or temporary basis without the permission of the board of directors for any period exceeding 180 days.
  20. All boats occupying Units must be safe and seaworthy. An agent of the Association may periodically inspect boats for seaworthiness, and order removal of any non-seaworthy boat. Boats sunk in Units will be removed by the Unit owner within 12 hours of sinking, or the Association may cause the removal of the sunken boat at the expense of the Unit Owner. The Association may prohibit certain contractors from providing services to boats on the Units for reasons relating to safety.
    All boats are required to be:
    1. fully equipped and operable for operation on the sea, (except during the period for temporary repairs not to exceed eight (8) days
    2. equipped with all safety of life at sea equipment required by the Coast Guard regulations and federal, state and local laws; and
    3. shall comply with all licensing and registration requirements
    4. the type of vessel allowed needs to be appropriate for extended open water navigation. Further Pontoon or barge base framed structure vessels are specifically excluded from occupying Units in the interests of aesthetics and maintenance of real estate value
  21. No repairs other than routine maintenance may be performed within Units. No cleaning of paint brushes will be allowed against piers, pilings or buildings. Drained or waste oil and similar substances may not be left or poured on parking lots or into storm drains. Removal of such waste shall be done in an environmentally safe manner.
  22. Unit Owners shall not cause or permit any disturbing noises or objectionable odors to be produced upon or to emanate from their units. Without limiting the foregoing, the Unit Owner, his tenant, guests or other occupants shall use discretion in operating engines, generators, power tools (and other equipment), radio, televisions sets, phonographs, loudspeakers, musical instruments or other noise-producing apparatus or other equipment so as to keep noise at a minimum at all times, and shall not operate any of the foregoing devices between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. except for operating boat engines for the purpose of ingress or egress to and from a Unit. The use of power tools outside of a boat docked within a Unit is strictly prohibited at all times for all Units. Generators and engines may not be operated for periods longer than one-half hour in any eight (8) hour period. This paragraph is specifically intended for the benefit of the Owners and occupants of the Urbanna Harbour Subdivision as well as Unit Owners and occupants. Such residents of Urbanna Harbour may enforce the provision by any means available to a Unit Owner.
  23. Any boat stored in the Condominium shall be clean, painted and uncluttered. Laundry shall not be hung on boats, piers or finger piers in the Condominium.
  24. Bicycles on the dock:
  25. Non-motorized vehicles only (except those for the disabled)
  26. Mature riders only – no children
  27. If a cyclist meets a pedestrian on the dock he must stop and either let the pedestrian walk past before proceeding or, if he meets a group of people, walk his bicycle past the group.
  28. Bicycles will not be parked on the main dock-they must be put onto the owner’s boat or parked at the very end of the owner’s finger pier, with neighbor’s permission.
  29. If any damage is caused by a bicycle, i.e., pedal scraping a dock box, marks on the docs, the bicyclist must pay for such damage.
  30. The Pool:
    1. Admittance to the pool is by key. Unit Owners, slip renters and guests only are entitled to use the pool. There is no lifeguard on duty at any time. None of the following is permitted in the pool area: 
      1. Pets
      2. Glass vessels of any kind
      3. Boisterous playing in the pool or use of large balls etc.
      4. Diving because the pool is too shallow
      5. Running around the pool 
      6. Alcoholic beverages.
      7. Children under 12 years of age must be supervised at all times by an adult

Additional Guidelines

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